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How to Remove Wallpaper Border From the Wall

How to Remove Wallpaper Border From the Wall

If you’ve decided to redecorate your room, you’ll likely have wondered how to remove wallpaper border from the wall. Here are a few tips to get you started. Using a steamer, hair dryer, or putty knife. Keep in mind, however, that some methods may not work for all types of wallpaper. If you have difficulty removing the wallpaper border from the wall, it may be better to call a professional.

Using a hair dryer

Using a hair dryer to remove wallpaper borders is an easy way to loosen the adhesive on the wall covering. If you are working with a large wall, use a hot hair dryer on the hottest setting. Then, slowly pull the wall covering off one corner. Be sure to work with a step stool or ladder to ensure you don’t ruin the wall. You can use a hair dryer to loosen the adhesive on a small wall covering as well.

Using a hair dryer to remove wallpaper is a safe way to loosen the glue. The heat from the blow dryer will soften the adhesive on some wallpapers. You should hold the hair dryer eight to ten inches away from the wallpaper. To make it easier to work with, you can also hold the hair dryer 8 to 10 inches away from the wallpaper. Make sure you use a plastic scraper or a steamer, and work small sections at a time.

Using a putty knife

Before removing a wallpaper border, be sure to thoroughly clean the wall area first. After scraping off the border, you can use a putty knife to lift the paper from the wall. Remember to scrape gently to avoid tearing the border and leave behind a thin layer of paste. Next, wet the wall and scrape away any residue to reveal the bare drywall underneath.

Use a scorer to cut small holes in the backing of the paper, making sure to apply minimal pressure to the border and the wall at the same time. This will allow the solution to penetrate the backing and make it easier to remove the border. Then, lift the border with the putty knife, taking care not to damage the paper when removing it. If the border is stubborn, you can use an electric steamer, which you can rent from a home center. Otherwise, you can scrape with your fingers or a putty knife.

Using fabric softener

You can use a combination of fabric softener and water to scrape off the wallpaper border. You should use a sponge or spray bottle to apply the solution. Let it sit for at least 20 minutes before scraping it off. Begin by scraping the bottom corner of the border paper and lifting it upward with a wide putty knife. Repeat the process until the entire border paper is gone.

Mix a solution of fabric softener with hot water. Pour the solution into a spray bottle. Dampen a sponge and scrub the area with the solution. If you want extra strength, you can mix a little Dawn Dish Soap to the mixture. The Dawn dish soap will make the solution penetrate the remaining paper. You may want to do this step several times before you’re satisfied with the results.

Using a steamer

Using a steamer to remove wallpaper doesn’t require any special preparation. If the paper you want to remove is peelable, you don’t need to score it or use a stripping knife. If the wallpaper is painted, you’ll need to score it. If you’re using washable wallpaper, you should make two passes with the steamer. Once the wallpaper is removed, wash the wall thoroughly to remove the residue.

HGTV expert Steve Watson demonstrates a simple, non-chemical way to remove wallpaper, using a steamer to loosen it. The steamer works by releasing heat, which loosens the glue. The process is not quick, and you may need to use a trowel on stubborn glue spots. Once the wallpaper has been loosening, you can scrape off the border with a paintbrush or sponge.


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