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How to Make a Live Wallpaper on Your Android Device

How to Make a Live Wallpaper on Your Android Device

You might have wondered how to make a live wallpaper on your Android device. Fortunately, it’s surprisingly simple, and you can even make your own for free! You’ll need to download third-party apps, which you can find on Google Play, and then follow a few simple steps to create your very own live wallpaper. You can even add GIFs or videos to your home screen! Here are some examples.

Video Wallpaper

To make a live video wallpaper on your Android device, you must first install an app. Install the video live wallpaper app and choose the video to be the live wallpaper. Then, select the settings for the live wallpaper. Select Play Video Screen to keep the live wallpaper running even when your phone is idle. The app will also allow you to edit the start and end times of the video. When you are done, tap the “Done” button to apply the live video wallpaper to your device.

If you have an iPhone, you can follow the same process for Android. You will have to choose a video from your gallery. Then, click on the picture icon and adjust the size and audio. After that, you can choose the location where you want the video to be displayed. This way, you can change the wallpaper location whenever you want. And, the best part is that you don’t have to spend any money.


When looking for a cool live wallpaper for your phone, try using Fonticon. You can choose from a variety of icons that represent various features of your phone, such as battery life, music volume, playtime, etc. Another cool feature is Morphing Text. This feature enables you to create text that flips or arcs. You can use this on single lines of text. You can also set the font to have different colors, or use a combination of color themes.

Morphing Text

A Morphing Text live wallpaper is a great way to make a message stand out on your smartphone. Basically, it rotates text in various ways. The default settings are a descriptive word and a number. To add more variety, you can change the name of the objects. You can also force different shapes to morph, or force two instances of the same object to morph. For example, you can morph a clock face into a picture or a word.

Overlap Group

Overlap Groups are containers for other modules, and they place items one on top of the other. They also require an anchor and padding, and you can use a number of variables to adjust how the items appear. In this article, we will look at how to make an Overlap Group live wallpaper. It will take about five minutes to create, and is very easy to customize. Here’s how to make an Overlap Group live wallpaper using KLWP.

Black Lite

Those of you who are tired of the same old black background on your smartphone might want to consider downloading Black Lite live wallpapers. This app offers several stunning live wallpapers for your iPhone, and has a free and premium version. While the free version lacks a few features, the premium version comes with a large library of images and customization options. Besides looking great, Black Lite is battery-friendly and supports various languages.

The application provides high-quality dark live wallpapers and offers more than 30 different options. Some of them are exclusive to Apple’s iPhone line and are available only in the app. Each Live Wallpaper is carefully designed and looks stunning on the iPhone’s OLED screen. Those with older iPhones might want to avoid downloading the premium version. But if you’re on a budget, the free version is worth the download. And if you don’t want to pay a fortune for this app, the premium version offers more than 500 live wallpapers for just one small fee.


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