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How to Make a Video Your Wallpaper

How to Make a Video Your Wallpaper

Want to make a video your phone’s wallpaper? There are several ways to do it. Using YouTube’s app or any other video service, you can choose your video thumbnail and use it as your phone’s home or lock screen wallpaper. You can also make a video your wallpaper by uploading it to a video sharing site, like TikTok or Vimeo. Using your video as your phone’s wallpaper is a great way to give it a more personal touch.


If you would like to use a YouTube video as your desktop wallpaper, you’ll need to edit it first. You can do this using a third-party video editor such as MiniTool MovieMaker, which is free. Here’s how to do it. Follow the steps below to use a YouTube video as your desktop wallpaper. But, before you start, you’ll need to create a folder and select your YouTube video.

If you’re feeling creative, you could also paint your YouTube video backdrop. If you’re feeling ambitious, you could use a canvas or poster board. You can even paint multiple pieces, such as rolls of craft paper. For an even more unique backdrop, you can use a different color or pattern for each video. If you’re feeling clumsy, you can also try painting a different background each time.


To make a video your Android wallpaper, visit the YouTube website and tap the “Set as Home Screen” option. Here, you can choose a specific video and adjust the start and end time. Once you have chosen your video, you can also choose whether you want to make it a lock screen or home screen wallpaper. You can also set your video as a desktop icon. This is an easy way to make a video your Android wallpaper.

While classic wallpaper is static, video wallpaper is interactive and dynamic. Live wallpapers have become increasingly popular, though you will need a good battery life to enjoy them. There are plenty of live wallpapers available for your Android in the Google Play or Samsung store, and some users even use popular GIFs as their wallpaper. Others use their own recordings to make a video their Android wallpaper. Regardless of what type of video you want to use, you can turn your phone into a video-centric device!

Windows 10

There are a few ways to make a video your Windows 10 desktop wallpaper. The first way is to use an online service such as Push Video Wallpaper. The service lets you set up a video as your desktop background and runs it in the background every time you boot up your computer. The service also supports GIF files, YouTube videos, and playlists. Once you’ve downloaded and installed the app, you can use it to set a video as your Windows 10 desktop wallpaper.

If you’re not happy with the default wallpaper, you can install a third-party video wallpaper app. VLC and Desktop Live Wallpapers are free tools. PUSH Video Wallpaper is a paid app, but has a free trial period. All of these apps are available online and can be downloaded for free. You can find tutorials and download videos using these applications. If you’re unsure which one to choose, try downloading MiniTool uTube Downloader.


A popular way to customize your phone’s background is by making a TikTok video. These short videos are popular because they are fun and often go viral quickly. Fans can also download them and make them their wallpaper. If you want to make a live wallpaper for your phone, you’ll need some tools to make it look good. iMyFone Filme is an excellent option for making high-quality live wallpapers. The software supports audio and offers video editing options, which are helpful when you’re making a tutorial, influencing, or review.

You can also download TikTok for Android and iOS from Google Play. When you download the app, look for the “Set Wallpaper” option in TikTok videos. You’ll be prompted to select which screen to use for the live wallpaper. You can also choose to set a live wallpaper on both your home and lock screen, as many Androids have support for it. To set a TikTok video as your live wallpaper, follow the instructions below.

Open-source video player

If you want to set your favorite movie as your wallpaper, you can do so using the VLC media player. Launch the player and go to the video tab. Click the ‘Set as Wallpaper’ button. After this, you can select the video, change the start and stop times, and set it as your wallpaper. You can also choose the video’s location on your computer. If you’d like to use it as your background image, you can go to the same steps described above.

To use VLC as your wallpaper, you must first make sure that the video is yours. If it’s not, you can use another video player. You can install third-party applications on your Windows 10 PC. To make your video player as your wallpaper, you’ll need to choose a GIF image. You can download free GIF images from the web. Then, simply set the video as your wallpaper and enjoy your new wallpaper!


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